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Jesse Viviano White is the Chief Visionary Officer of Just Vision Wealth LLC (JVW, LLC).  After working for more than 20 years in management and executive level positions he departed from corporate America to follow his passion of guiding businesses, educational institutions and individuals to become the best versions of themselves. Jesse founded JVW to help people visualize their personal perception of wealth and to develop the skills, experience and belief system to know that whatever they see when they close their eyes is obtainable beyond dreaming. His goal is to turn visions into the reality of everyday living. Just Vision Wealth doesn’t just help people create visions but also provides the necessary information, resources and partnerships to start the next phase of the legacy building journey. 

Jesse is also a proud Senior Partner and Regional Director for Dezjorn International LLC, a small business firm compiled of several subsidiaries jointly committed to helping clients reach their goals of branding, public relations, investing and global influence. He is also the Director of Programming of The DIF Inc, a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate, empower, and inspire people of marginalized communities to advance equality and equal opportunity.

Often referred to as a gentle giant, Jesse has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a dedicated friend, mentor, advocate, motivational speaker and volunteer for racial equality, multifaceted diversity in educational institutions and businesses, healthcare reform, fair housing as well as policy and procedural changes, risk management and climate change. As a care taker and member of the disabled community, he isn’t shy about advocating for disability needs, accessibility, and inclusivity. Jesse’s personal healthcare journey has humbly veered down the paths of altered mental, physical, cognitive, and sensory needs and challenges. 

Jesse recently became an End of Life Coach/Death Doula, where he assists those in hospice care or with health concerns prepare legally and mentally to leave this Earth as the author of their next chapter. As a listening ear he strives to assist his clients (and family) to prepare vital documents, discuss cares and concerns, and acts as a mediator during difficult conversations with loved ones. Jesse  uses his skills as an Ordained Minister, with an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity,

to lead him with empathy and compassion in hopes that his clients are able to transition having built and/or shared their history as well as the their vision of the legacy they wish to pass on. Most importantly, Jesse strives to ensure that are surrounded with compassion and peace of mind. 

Jesse has been acknowledged and awarded for his contributions towards social justice on multiple occasions. He enjoys spending time with his three God Children, the smell of old paperback books, knitting, gardening, not scorching a new recipe, backpacking while traveling and a thirst for knowledge that has him convinced that he is a life long student. He’s currently enrolled at MIT in their Management and Executive Leadership program. 


Design Conference, 2019
Designing Teams
San Jose, CA

Design x Mental Health, 2020
Speaking Out
San Francisco, CA

Impact for Growth, 2022
Building Compatible Teams
San Francisco, CA

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Jesse is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about advocacy, modeling, speaking, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


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